"I Love To Create Animations, film and Enjoy Life. That is Why I Do What I Do."

About Me

Hello I’m Shehan Bopearachchi i’m from Sri Lanka and my friends calls me BOPE. I studied digital marketing and was working as a digital content creator and social media specialist in two private companies for about 2 years. And now i run a small business call Skyler Global where we create websites and create content for some amazing clients. over the past few years i discovered that i love creating content for YouTube. Mainly because I’ve learned so much from YouTube and i really want to give back to this community. I’m a kid who never really grew up i’love working out film making and spending time with my cat angel. 

I waste way too much time watching movies and i spend all my money on computer equipment and i cannot function without a good cup of coffee in the morning. so that’s me in a nutshell feel free to contact me and reach out. 

For the past 5 years, I’ve worked in advertising, motion design, and branding.

As a creative director and brand strategist at Skylerglobal.com.au , I create interactive experiences & content for brands, tech, and video games.

Blender 2.81 - Easy Abstract art tutorial (with 100% procedural materials)

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